We are trusted professionals specializing in annuities and structured settlement. We aim to provide the best rates and expert guidance as you navigate your options.

Annuity Pros offers the experience of over three decades in the financial services industry, but also the agility that comes with being an independent expert not beholden to any one provider.

We understand that the best retirement plan is the one that you can depend upon to be there when you’re ready, not when your retirement plan is ready for you.

We offer a variety of guaranteed income investment options and we guarantee the best rates anywhere.


  • We listen and work with our clients to create a plan that meets their unique needs and objectives.
  • We emphasize secure and guaranteed income products to meet your retirement goals.
  • Being independent, we are able to compare every industry carrier to ensure that our clients receive the best rates.


Annuity Pros was founded as a different kind of retirement expert: one that has the experience to offer our clients the trust and advice they seek, but also the agility and independence to cater to our clients unique retirement goals.  Annuity Pros financial professionals understand that retirement shouldn’t be a distant goal.  We strive to keep our clients abreast of the latest in retirement planning, whether it is the benefits or the risks.  At Annuity Pros our independent financial professionals are not beholden to a corporate goliath allowing them to work for you, not the large financial institutions, to deliver you the most competitive rates.


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